Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Some Progress to Report

I'm still here--not dead or anything--just too busy to write for the last month. (It's pure coincidence that my last entry was exactly a month ago.)  So, here's an update on my progress:  for February, walked 21.44 miles, did 6 hours of Jazzercise.  To date in March:  walked 22.29 miles, did 5 hours of Jazzercise and one hour of hot yoga...and logged it all on ActiveTrainer.com.  In addition, I've logged all of my food daily since February 17 on FitDay.com and lost 6.5 lbs!  (since 2/10)  What's more, I'm pretty much on target toward my goal!

I was feeling great, except for the past 3 days when I've been having a sinus problem...which is why I'm here, now, writing.  I took a sick day due to the headaches and dizziness; just now about to start an antibiotic (thank heavens for modern medicine).  With that exception, though, I am really feeling hugely different--stronger, more energetic, more positive--all-around healthier. 

As I focus on this (admittedly important) goal, it IS a bit harder to push on the several other goals I have in mind...but they're NEXT!  With the new, healthier me, they should be even more attainable. (Recognize the little pep talk to myself there?  I think it works--do you?)

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PS:  The poor Christmas tree is down...I'm not saying when it finally happened, but my dear husband undecorated it and my son carried it out, bless them!!