Thursday, December 10, 2009

'Tis the Season

It's beginning to look a little like Christmas--or maybe just to "feel" like Christmas--around here. The weather has turned cold, and we've had our first little bit of snow. Where I am, it began to snow after dark last week, when the temperature finally dropped, after a full day of windy rain. My car had a visible coating when I turned the porch lights on before going to bed, but when the sun came up in the morning it was gone. It counts, though--we had snow. For here, that counts as snow. We probably won't have anything measurable until January sometime. Right now I'm watching The Weather Channel, where they are reporting from the great lakes area, being pounded by lake-effect snows of nearly 2 feet. Maybe that's what's making me think about Christmas.

Unfortunately for me, I've been just too sick to do any decorating or shopping for the holiday. Hate that! It's starting to get a bit late in the season! Other than making lists in my mind and crocheting and sewing (I'll have to show those in another post) I have done nothing to usher in the season. I must get my head back together, make lists, and at least start to burn up the internet to get the shopping done.

About a Christmas tree...we actually need to do two, since I live in two places...I have no idea when they will happen. More importantly, I'm missing Advent, and listening to our sermons on iTunes just doesn't really take the place of being in my church, feeling the sense of preparation and warmth of Advent. Oh dear. Just to feel better and be a part of the season of preparation for the birth of Jesus, that's what I want for Christmas this year.


  1. It doesn't feel like Christmas here yet!! I think because we are refurbishing at work and don't have a tree up this year, my mind is struggling to comprehend that we are that close!

    You're reading a lot of books! You should join us at Goodreads!

  2. I think that only haveing 4 days after Thanksgiving...and then it's December!...sort of messed up the timing. All of a sudden, it seemed, the holiday season was here. Hope you are feeling better! Remembering that Christmas is all about Christ keeps it in perspective. My daughter will be home with us this year...that's all I need really.

  3. I hope you feel better soon so you can enjoy the holiday and are able to go back to church (although it is very cool you can access it on your iPod).


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