Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I've wanted to write, but every minute of the day has been consumed over the last week or so. Being at trial is like falling into a big hole. You become completely absorbed in the case. You can recite every important date in the 5 year medical history of the plaintiff. You can rattle off doctors' names....test results...procedures quicker than you could your own medical history. You know what every witness said at every deposition...and then have to find the page and line numbers in the transcripts at a moment's notice. The exhibits are like a poem long since memorized, and you can see the x-rays in your sleep. And that's for a relatively straightforward trial, too, which luckily is only going to last the week. (There must be a different strategy for the trials that last for multiple weeks...I think it's called "many lawyers.")

What's more, as with every trial, there are the sartorial issues...do I, as the only female lawyer in the room, have enough suits to get me through the week without repeating? (Some things are really important!) The men can and often do wear the same suit two, three, or four times in a week, but a woman cannot do that. The jury (ours is 5 men 9 women) always watches that sort of thing, and what else are the women going to talk about all week? So I got a new chocolate brown suit and a top to wear with it. (That was after being at the office from 8:45 until 5:30 on Saturday.)

So, instead of turning out the lights and going to sleep now, I'm taking a mental break to disengage for a few minutes. Our dear aunt has become even more pale and thin, and I feel very badly because I haven't seen her since Thursday. Thankfully my husband has been by every day. As soon as this case goes to the jury I will go and visit her. I miss seeing her and I know she misses my reading; she told hubby so.

Strangely enough (one must think after reading the above) this is the very best part of being a trial lawyer. Every single one I've ever known says the same thing. This is the very best part, and I think so too. Everything else is all prep for the big show, it only happens in 1 or 2 out of 10 cases, and this is it.

When this is done, I'll let you know if I think it's enough.

Good night, or, ta-ta-for-now~

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  1. You sound focused, I think we as women who are perfectionists do that quite naturally. I hope you get some time to read to your Aunt soon.. Brown what a lovely color, yes I suppose the women jurors will notice..get some mix and match tops ..different colors..that will confuse them women:)


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