Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Have had some busy times recently, and a shift of priorities.  I have set my mind on getting back into a healthy mode of life and lose the extra weight I've carried for almost 3 years, and this time I'm not letting anything distract me or get in my way.  It seems almost silly to have to say this.  Who in their right mind would let distractions get in the way of a healthy life?  (At least that seems to be the sensible perspective, when you step back and regain a little.) (Oh, and it's also a big reason I haven't posted much recently.)

But it almost seems more normal around here to ignore healthy ways than to put them first on the list.  I certainly see it in the people closest to me.  When there's work to be done, the first thing to skip is going to the gym, taking a walk or an exercise class.  Of course the next thing to go is the healthy diet--worked late? too tired to cook? Just eat out and enjoy the fat-laden, ultra large portions (complete with bread and all the fixin's) we find in most U.S. restaurants today.  Before you know it, you're so far down that path it's hard to see where you took the wrong turn.

Well, I have a confession to make--but it comes with an affirmation.  More than once during the past month, things have gone undone because my health is more important than that.  For example, at one house (the one where I spend less time), my Christmas tree is still up.  (The horror!)  I have spent 2 weekends there during which I should have taken it down, but after the really mandatory housework, cooking and grocery shopping, I went to exercise classes, took walks, and even did 45 minutes of yoga on the floor right in front of it.  I prepared healthy meals instead of prepackaged stuff, while that poor tree continued to wither.

I don't care.  I am really just sick of feeling crappy and letting my good health slip away while the mundane, repetitious busywork of life is allowed to take over.  It won't be holding me back any more.  I'm moving forward--leaving unvacuumed carpets and pine needles in my wake if necessary--but I'm going to take this weight off, regain my health, and get back to being alive!

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  1. Wow, you are motivating me, woman :-) You're absolutely right, it is so easy to just let the healthy choices slide ... and it is incredibly important to make an intentional effort not to let this happen. Good for you :-)!!!!!!!!!


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