Thursday, April 21, 2011

Recent Observations

Again, it's been a while.  That would be because I haven't had a chance to slow down enough to write!  This creates the risk of a flood from the thoughts to the page of a rambling, potentially random bunch of observations and updates.  I'll do my best to avoid such a brain dump here--but there's so much!

The April 6th news of Glenn Beck's TV show ending restored my faith--and when I did a quick search just now to confirm the date it gave me a laugh.  On the first page of results, there were articles from the Jewish Funds for Justice,, and a Latino blogger all rejoicing that Fox finally pulled that plug. That's a lot of diversity!  (I also read yet another "fact check" article demonstrating another outright falsehood Beck pronounced as truth on his show, here.) 

For us, April is a double birthday month; having celebrated my own, we celebrated my son's 17th last week as well.  I guess I'm old enough to have a 17 year old child, although I don't feel like it.  Where do the years go?

Easter is this Sunday; a few years ago I realized that Easter is my very favorite--bar none--holiday of the year.  I love absolutely everything about it!  It's pure joy to me, from the theme to the hymns to the traditional ending of our church service by singing the Halleluja chorus from Messiah.  It's a joyous service for an uplifting and hopeful time of year!

Finally, I've well exceeded my own expectations for my exercise plan.  I can't believe that for February, March and thus far in April I've run and walked 22, 22, and 27 miles.  But more importantly, through patience (not my strong suit), I have slowly built up to longer distances and now am seeing my pace starting to increase!  The other day, I was back on the Marine Corps Marathon website again and actually thinking I could do it this time!  (A bit of history: in 2007 I started training for the MCM and registered for it; I was beginning to increase my distances and feeling really good--then, I ended up in the hospital because of asthma for the first time ever.  In the end, I was in for 4 days in April, May and again in JUNE that year, missed weeks of work and couldn't even be outside much at all until September.  I basically missed all of the activities of the summer.  We tried to golf once in late September and I had so little energy I only played something like holes 1, 2, 4, 8, and 18. It was just wonderful to be outdoors though.  Needless to say, I didn't make the marathon, which is held the last week of October.)    

So, the feeling that I might be healthy enough again is amazing! (I should say or do something now to avoid a jinx or hex, shouldn't I? All I can think of is "knock wood.")  Done.  Next on the agenda: do some research on how many miles you should get out of a pair of running shoes.  It's not something I've ever had to consider, but I'll admit that I'm proud to say that I'm above 100 miles on these shoes, so I'm curious!

Hope you didn't get whiplash from the quick changing of subjects, and I'm hoping to get some more time to post soon to avoid future overload.  Off to bed now~

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  1. Great job on the milage!!! You're leaving me in the dust! It does feel good to be out and moving, though. Just finished reading a book on running for women and I am clearly what they call a recreational runner. :)


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