Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome 2012

So this is the new year. I've generally though of even years as better than odd years; they seem to treat me better I guess. Let's hope this year straightens itself out pretty quickly; it's rare that I've had such an incredibly crappy first 40 hours of a new year so here's hoping....

Regardless, I've been sketching out how I'd like my 2012 to go. I finished off 2011 with 254 miles total (walking and running together). In late September I determined my goal was going to be 250 miles....and I had to go running on December 30 to make it happen, thanks to being sick the first week of the month, but I did it. (And I only had 5 miles in January 2011, since I only started the last week of the month.) I have 5 miles in already for 2012. So this year I want to increase that goal a bit. I've given it quite a bit of though. I want it to be achievable, but somewhat challenging. I'm not going to turn into an ultramarathoner, either. Last year, I had 3 months at 30 miles and over, 4 months around 20 miles, and the rest between 5 and 17. It averages a little over 21 miles per month. Maybe I should round it out and go for 300 this year (averaging 25/month). Ok, that's it, my goal is 300 miles for 2012.

I'm also looking at increasing overall workouts per month. (I am so loving looking at my 2011 stats on, where I've logged them all in over the past year and now I can make colorful graphs and be all proud of myself.) Last year I had 4 months with 15 workouts each, 3 with 10 or 11, and the other 5 months I worked out 5-9 times each month. I'd like to work in some more yoga classes and maybe do some swimming workouts this summer as I increase my monthly total to perhaps a minimum of 12 per month.

I've also been reading about a special "cleanse" diet, which consists of all kinds of foods (many fresh fruits and vegetables) which are very high in antioxidants, that one is supposed to eat for several weeks. It certainly wouldn't be bad for me, but I'm not sure about giving up caffeine (I truly love my coffee) and even dairy products for those three weeks. Maybe I'll just go for adding the healthy foods, cutting out some unhealthy ones and keeping my coffee. I haven't decided that one yet.

One always hears plenty about New Years' resolutions--whether to make them, whether they're worthwhile in any way--and while I don't announce any resolutions in particular, I always feel that a new year is a great time to take stock, look back at the previous year's accomplishments, and set new goals. It's hard to accomplish much if you don't have any goals to work toward (at least that's what I think). What about you?
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