Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Really Good Choices I've Made

Planting the butterfly bush outside the window next to the couch. I get to see the flowers, watch the butterflies come for its nectar, and now see tiny wrens and finches come for its seeds.

Making the "office" in my oddly laid out house into another bedroom. It's changed everything and now feels like a real home.

Buying my Toyotas. The first one saved my life when many cars would've failed me, and the current one is just a great car.

Asking my husband out to lunch for the first time. A friend turned into the love of a lifetime.

Choosing my son's first daycare provider...she was a loving second mother to him for 8 years.

Getting pregnant...God gave me the greatest joy of my life.

There are probably more to list, but the everyday choices which had little effect on my life are soon forgotten, while some seemingly insignificant choices have had a lasting impact.

Sometimes we know which the "big" choices are at the time, and only hope we get them right....other times we decide to take a chance, come what may...and other times, what seems like a world ending dilemma turns out to be minor in the scheme of things. It's quite impossible to say, sometimes. In fact, as I thought over this list for the last several days, many more things than not were "still waiting to see if that turns out to be a good choice or not."

So, what are some of your Really Good Choices?

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