Thursday, October 29, 2009

Keeping Up

All kinds of uproar here in my world...we are redecorating/refurbishing the office ("we" being the partners/directors of the firm) and I have to pack up everything to vacate my office as though to move out by Monday mid-day. (I learned my "time" was up today,'s being done in phases, of which I'm apparently in the third phase.) This, while about four cases "come to a head" and have various pleadings, etc., due. To do this would be impossible without the help of good office staff, and I think, because of the support staff who work so hard, I'll be able to make that deadline.

On other fronts, I went children's book shopping this evening. I have a reputation for giving really great books that kids and parents alike love.... The truth is, I prepare (or "cheat") depending on how you look at it. This afternoon, I researched all kinds of children's books to get some recommendations; who's won what awards, which books are "reader's choice," etc. I ended up with a list of at least 20 books I considered highly recommended and potentially good choices.

When I went to the bookstore, though, out of the approximately twenty books on my list, there were only 2 in the store. How can "brick and mortar" bookstores complain about losing sales to internet outlets when then don't even have award winning children's books in stock? I know it's a "catch-22," but it sure would be nice to have a broader selection available when you go to a bookstore.

Before making a choice for a child I'm giving a book to, I absolutely always read the book, and I must love it. These aren't meant to just be books, they are precious moments shared between parent and child.

Of the two on my list which they had available, I liked one of them. So, I did my usual digging, read about 23 children's books, and found one additional book which was very nice and another which made me laugh all the way through it. (I'm not positive a three-year-old will get all of the humor, but truth is, parents have to enjoy the books too!) With a beautiful photographic animal book on the sale display, my mission was complete.

I very much enjoy finding books for my young relatives--all the while imagining the joy with which both parent and child will read the book (if I'm successful, they will read it many, many times.) I can't help but warmly recall, while searching for good books, the uncountable number of times I sat with my own small boy, reading his favorites over and over again. I'll always fondly remember how perfectly he fit into my own crossed legged lap on the floor, or in the crook of my arm reclining on his bed as we read book after book together.

I hope beyond words that my loved ones also enjoy these times--and then the memories--of cuddling with their children while reading good books.


  1. I love hearing about your love of books. How thoughtful of you to take so much time choosing the right book.
    I always want to buy books for my niece and nephew but they're not big readers (unfortunately).

  2. Lovely post! While I love the feeling of standing in a bookstore and picking out books, I find that shopping through is becoming more and more rewarding. I always get what I am looking for, they have free delivery, i can do all of that research you mentioned at the same time as I'm buying and delivery is always in a couple of days.

  3. Dedene, I take pleasure in it, thanks!

    Emm, I've been using for years, and I love it for myself and any adult I'm buying for, or anyone who wants a specific book. For children though, I just have to see the pictures and read the book through, which Amazon doesn't offer yet. If they start, watch out! ;-)

  4. Wonderful post! I, too, love giving children's books as gifts. So many of my favorite books as a child have stayed with me through the years...and I so cherish that. :)


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