Monday, November 2, 2009

World Series

It's World Series time. If the Philadelphia Phillies weren't in it, I'm not sure I'd have noticed. But my world is filled with Phillies Phanatics. I'm a Phillies fan, but I just don't go the extra several steps to the Phanatic level. I almost feel guilty at times for my lack of true emotional dependence on the Phillies' wins and losses.

I know the game well (I've followed various games closely since 1987), I know the Phillies' players, I've watched or heard many hundreds of Phillies games over the years...but it doesn't crush my world when they lose. I had the same sort of day today (after yesterday's loss) as I would have had if the Phillies had won. Am I missing that pro-sports mega-fan gene?

Perhaps it's upbringing...we never watched pro sports in my house growing up. The Indianapolis 500 was the only sporting event I remember ever watching on TV (in the years after it was only on the radio, when we listened to it.) I did get into basketball in high school, and watched a few Boston Celtics' games at home, but I was by one else was a sports fan.

I really doubt my lack of passion for the Phils is a female thing, because my three best friends from law school absolutely live and die by the Phillies' successes and failures. One friend even goes to Clearwater for a late winter vacation every see the Phils at Spring Training.

I sure would like to see those Phils win the World Series again, and I think they have the tenacity to do so, but in my world, it's also just a game. I know that many many people would differ, but those are the differences which make the world interesting.

Go Phils!

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  1. We've got the Coupe de Monde and all the other football (soccer) championships. I don't think I could stand the World Series too!


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