Friday, November 20, 2009

Where Does Time Go?

I haven't managed to find the time to sit down and write a post recently--unfortunately--I miss it! Life has been quite busy, with so many activities and travels going on. I've also missed reading the excellent writing of my fellow bloggers on the blogs I follow--but I caught up on some of that early this morning.

Seems the more I get back into the swing of things at work, the busier I become! Did I forget that part about work?? And it's busy too; I've had 4 new cases in 2 weeks. I'm also in an Italian class--which only has a couple more weeks before it ends (I haven't even had the time I would have liked to study my Italian, which I love, and this class moves along very quickly!) What's more, both hubby and I have started yoga classes (him for the first time, me returning from a bit of time away). He really seems to like it, and I'm very happy he's so interested in it; it's really good for one's body.

Now, we have Thanksgiving upon us in less than a week. As it always seems to, it has snuck up on me (I looked it up, and "snuck" and "sneaked" are both correct--but both sound weird!) One reason may be that we have been in the midst of an Indian Summer here, with unusually warm weather lulling me into thinking it's maybe only September. On the other hand, I have been having recurring nightmares that it's about 9 p.m. on Christmas Eve and I have not purchased a single gift for anyone, much less wrapped anything. I guess my internal calendar still works on some level.

[24 hours elapse] See what I mean about busy? I paused to think about an ending for the above, and ended up getting too busy to wrap it up! Perhaps a lesson to make posts more succinct, more topical?

Perhaps--or maybe just to limit my hobbies a little and share the computer less with the teen, since in the past 24 hours I have read some of a book, talked to a friend who lost her job yesterday (poor woman), crocheted half a hat for a certain granddaughter (actually, I crocheted some, then took out half a hat, looked for a better pattern, then crocheted half of a different hat), Jazzercised, cleaned up, and helped a friend move....perhaps I just want to do too many things. Keeps life interesting, though.

Well, I think I will stop this aimless post's wandering and try again later.

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