Friday, January 15, 2010

What a Week!

This has been an unbelievable week. I am beyond exhausted. It's been a rough week at work (to put it mildly), plus I added another 150 miles of driving because the schools were closed Friday. Hate to say it, but public school teachers have a nice vacation schedule!

The good news is that I'm finally feeling almost up to the challenge! True, I went to bed early every night this week to get through, but I did it. I even plan on going to Jazzercise tomorrow morning--first time since Nov. 21, the Saturday before Thanksgiving when I started coughing. It's been soooo long!

Here's something that gave me a laugh:

I used "Old Bay" seasoning for a Christmas eve recipe. I knew my tin of Old Bay was getting a little old, so I bought a new one.

The old one:

The new one:

Ok, I know time flies, but it is impossible that 20 years elapsed since I last bought Old Bay! Impossible!


  1. Ha! I keep spices and such around forever too. Good for you for going to exercise class. I've been so lazy.

  2. I'm going to check my Old Bay tin right now! That's too funny!

  3. Ohhh and I thought my freezer was bad. LOL I just used Old Bay tonite in my shrimp scampi. Now I have to get up to see what my can says.

  4. Jazzercise sounds fun!

    and..I think my pumpkin pie spice tin is just about the Old Bay tin age.

    Time does fly!
    Have a great day.


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