Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Too Busy to Blog

So sorry I have not posted in such a long time! And, this will only be a very brief update to let you know I haven't forgotten all about blogging!

Right after Easter, as described in my previous post, our 92 year old aunt was hospitalized...and within days she was diagnosed with a brain tumor--almost definitely cancer.  We got her home to her cat, where she most wanted to be, and have done medical visits, hospice and the like.  Faced with a very poor prognosis and the stress and difficulty of treatment, she has opted to forgo aggressive treatment and even biopsy. (Doctors guessed she has maybe 2 months to live.)  We support her choice, which seemed difficult to make, and we understand her reasons also.  Her attitude, which is an outward demonstration of her faith, has been the most amazing thing in all of this.  I've done some thinking about how I would feel, what I would think, want, and need if I were in her shoes.  It's hard.

The cat trapping worked, but I have no new kitty at home.  More on that another time.

Also, due to our aunt's illness, we will be having houseguests, and instead of leaving the extra bedroom all dark and ugly, we've decided to finally get it spruced up!  The painting is almost done, so look for some pictures of the redecorating here on some future date (assuming we're happy with the results, of course.)

There's always a whole lot going on at work but last week was especially busy, as my senior was in trial and I covered everything here....which leaves this week for getting my own tasks caught up. 

But most importantly, my only son's birthday is almost here!!  He will be 16 tomorrow, and when his turn comes around in driving class at school, he will be empowered to drive an automobile.  A true milestone in the life of a semi-rural teen, where cars mean freedom!  Since he doesn't read this blog, I will also reveal that for his birthday, we got him tickets to see one of his favorite bands up in the city.  Hope he's thrilled!

With that, my free time is up (nice visiting with you) and I must go back to one or all of the big matters in life!


  1. This Ozarks farm chick hears ya on the busy thing. I went two weeks between post last time. I'm so sorry about your aunt, I WILL keep her in my prayers. Now here's sendin' your son a big old HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish for his 16th, that's always such a milestone.

    Take care and have a wonderfully blessed Wednesday from the sunny hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa!!!

  2. So sorry to hear about your aunt. I hope her remaining time is peaceful and she can enjoy being home with her kitty.

    A 16 year old? I shudder at the thought!

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