Monday, April 26, 2010

Zeb the Cat

There was once a righteous man named Job.  He followed the Law and in God's eyes had done nothing wrong.  But the accuser challenged God, saying Job only obeyed the Law because God had been so generous with his blessings.  So God took away everything--Job's children, livestock, land, home, health and wealth--and left Job sitting in the dust, dressed only in burlap and covered in sores.

Most of Job's friends shunned him, some mocked him, and those who would speak to him insisted that he repent of whatever sin he had committed, so that God would bless him once again.  Job cursed the day he was born and pleaded with God to help him.  As time went on, Job asked God why this happened to him, but he never cursed or turned away from God.  Job also didn't listen to his friends, who were absolutely certain in their idea of God's justice: only the wicked will suffer, the righteous will prosper.  But Job knows he is not wicked; he has always helped the poor, always sheltered the strangers and aided the widows.  To confess wrongly would be deceit. 

Eventually, he questions God: what did I do? If I have sinned against you, let me see the indictment! Job wonders about justice--why did this happen to him, when he has lived a righteous life?

So our dear aunt, 92 years young, never able to have children herself, volunteer superintendent of Sunday School in her church for decades, loved by diagnosed with brain cancer. She accepts this and makes the difficult decision to forgo treatment in favor of spending her last month to two months at home with her dear cat Zeb, her companion of 12 years.  She leaves the ICU and is home for one week.

Then Zeb stops eating, and on the third day the visiting vet comes to her home and finds a large tumor....and then Zeb is gone.  Dear aunt cries more for Zeb than she did for herself.  We cry for our dear aunt.

Finally God answers.  Are you all-powerful?  Do you know everything?  I created the earth and all things in it.  I gave life and strength to all of the creatures you can name.  I know the time for everything and the places for birth and death.   How dare you question my justice!  (And by the way, your friends gave bad counsel, you did nothing whatsoever wrong.)  And Job humbly answers:  You are truly all powerful.  I spoke of things I did not understand; I am so ashamed.  I will repent in dust and ashes and respect the Lord.

Another explanation?


  1. No, I think that explanation will do just fine.

    You really have great writing skills! I like it!
    Have a great day.

  2. Zeb and Aunty developed matching tumors? Now that is true love and companionship. I know she misses him, but it makes me happy to know Zeb won't be sad and lonely without her when she's gone.

  3. I don't think there is any other explanation. Sorry to hear about your aunt but happy too that she lived such a long and productive life!


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