Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Again, it's been a while. Life's been busy.  Where to begin?  Perhaps the most pressing on my mind right now:  I was happily training to run the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon (May 20 in Fredericksburg, VA) and looking forward to my first 10 mile run on Easter (April 8).  Then, on Saturday morning I was just Jazzercising away, tripped over my big feet and sprained the tar out of my left ankle.  Boy was I PISSED.  I've fallen on rare occasion in Jazzercise over the 20 years I've been participating, but always jumped right back up.  This time it was clearly not going to happen.

So, all of Easter weekend I was angry and morose over my injury but more so over the prospect of not making the half marathon.  It was so painful and swollen I even went to the ER for an x-ray (which showed no fracture, thankfully.)  I iced, elevated, wrapped and rested that sucker as much as anyone could.  After a week or so, I started thinking I could possibly get back to training in time to run in May.  At two weeks, I ran about 4 1/2 miles on it, with the air splint in place.  A tad awkward, but really not too bad.  Bike riding helped me maintain fitness too.

But late last week I ran a third time, and at about 2 miles my left knee really started to hurt in a weird way.  I stopped after another quarter mile, not wanting to create further injury.  That knee gave me stabbing pains for 3 days, and last weekend (3 weeks to the race) I realized that I'm going to have to give up the idea of the MCHHM for this year.  I am remarkably depressed about it!  I totally had my heart and mind set on the goal, and giving it up is much harder than I thought.  Besides, my ankle still hurts quite a bit.

To boot, I have a very old tear in my shoulder which I seem to have re-injured, (it's so old it is from my days as a bedside nurse, pulling up a patient) which gives me pain in about 3/4 of the positions in which one uses his or her shoulder....including lying on it to sleep, which I apparently do regularly.  Been waking up when ever that happens for several days (getting very sick of that, too).

Then, there's my back.  Did I mention the foot pain I had beginning last July?  It turns out (after a very fun nerve test on my leg and MRI of my spine) that I have a lumbar disc ruptured which is pressing on a nerve root, which (thankfully, considering the possibilities) gives me pain in the tops of my feet.  This was identified a couple of months ago and I don't consider it too serious--in fact, I had been doing back stretches daily which had nearly eliminted the pain for a few weeks.  That is, until my ankle sprain changed my whole routine, so as I write, that's back too.

My mother used to say you start falling apart after you reach age 40...now I guess I see what she meant.  Oh well, for a return to blogging after an absence, I guess this wasn't very positive, but I think I'll get back to that place soon.  How has life been treating you?


  1. I hear ya' sister! Although my goals are not as lofty as yours (maybe someday), I'm yo-yo-ing with my own goals. Everytime I think I'm getting somewhere with weight loss someone has a party, luncheon, get together, etc.... Even as I type I should be out there pounding the pavement with my mediocre run/walk thing I do! Keep at the recovery process and I'm sure you'll soon be able to set new goals! I'm rooting for you!!!

    1. Thanks Cathy! I know exactly what you mean. Here's to us, TRYING. Keep trying!!


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