Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rant and Rave Wednesday

This will be a first for me. Little Ms. Blogger has been doing "Rant and Rave Wednesday" for quite some time, and hers is fun to read, so, at her invitation, I'm giving it a try.

Rant: The east coast of the U.S. is about to get hit with another 48 hours of snow. Can you say "enough already"!!!!

Rave: hubby and I made a fantastic Asian Beef Salad for dinner with London broil, oranges, peanuts, rice noodles and Kraft Lite Sesame dressing. Mmmmm.

Rant: If the snow causes them to cancel school for my son, all sorts of confusion and angst will result. For example...

Rant: Right after the last blizzard, my ex went with my son to his parents' house (parents are in Florida), which is 25 miles away from his house, (his house is already 15 miles from my house) and told me he was not going to drive him back the 25 miles, forcing me to drive 50 extra miles just to pick up my boy. He's like that.

Rave: I was planning on going to a 2 day educational program by myself but this morning a friend from school emailed several of us to ask us to go with her, so now we're planning a fun time out!

Rant: My work computer got a virus from what seemed like a very safe website...then I hear from the IT guy that the hard drive was so old it's not worth the labor! Wait a minute! I thought I was worth a decent computer around that place, at least!

Rave: I'm next on the list for a replacement computer.

Rant: I gave in to temptation last night and bought both a Snickers bar and ice cream while hubby was at a "thing" for work. Where did I get these bad "food" habits?

Rave: We're back "on the wagon" tonight with homemade Chicken Tortilla Soup from my own's healthy and low fat/cal.

That's about all for me. How'd I do?

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  1. Nice : ) I saw this on Little Ms. Blogger's spot and couldn't resist either. I live on the east coast too, and I am so sick of the snow!


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