Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Winter Tries Its Best

We had snow on Saturday here...and it's snowing again right now. We got about 10-11 inches...but I didn't get this picture until Monday morning, so it had melted a little.

This evening's snow is supposed to last all night to the tune of maybe 3 inches, then of course there's snow predicted for Friday evening through Saturday--a major event, possibly a foot, they think. This has been one of the snowiest Winters in recent memory for this part of the country. But I'm not taking back what I wrote yesterday. We're on the back side of Winter '09-'10.

One of my blog-friends wrote a piece today about fighting off The Funk. Always fun to read, today Whimsy did battle directly with wintertime Funk himself. Like her, I refuse to give in to The Funk--this will get easier day by day, as we count down the last half of Winter (starting Thursday, the half-way point...not that I'm counting.) For me, making the effort to make it to Jazzercise several times per week (I was there Saturday and Monday so far) is half the battle, since Jazzercise is fun and leaves me feeling relaxed, happier and more energetic after each class. I recommend it to everyone!! (http://www.jazzercise.com/ for a class near you...U.S. and international!!) (I'm not making an advertising plug for my benefit...I've just loved doing Jazzercise since 1989!)

So, here's to fighting the good fight against The Funk! How are you doing in the battle against the dread winter Funk? Is the weather getting the better of you, or are you holding out for Spring?

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