Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Day Revisited

What a beautiful snow we had here! It really messed up the roads, but almost everything was closed so we didn't have to go to work.  So, I took a nice walk outside (another mile plus for the big race) and took a few photos to share.  The first two were in the development (where private plows cleaned things up)...

This is how the "real" roads looked (above); it was no fun to actually drive on them when I had to make the trip South late today.

And what do cats do on a day like today?  If you've fed the birds right outside the door, they hang out and "hunt" for birds a pride! 

Always fun to watch--they cluck and chirp, their tails twitch and sometimes, they all crouch down and their ears go back--ready to pounce!  Who needs any other form of entertainment! 

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  1. The school I teach at was one of the few in the state that didn't have either a delay or a cancellation. It was a rather long drive in, but it was for some reason the kind of day when I was taken in by the absolute beauty of snow. I wanted to stop and take pictures of some of the trees that were so lovely all blanketed with snow, but I was afraid I'd drive off the road ;)

  2. Great photos, Erin! Love all the cats looking out the window...sometimes I wish Elora had some feline companions to keep her company. :)


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