Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Notice: To Everyone with Spring Fever

Everyone is hereby on notice about making any and all declarations that "Spring is here" or saying anything at all relating to winter weather being "a memory." DO NOT DO IT. Don't even think it yet, much less say it out loud. We cannot risk even the slightest impression that we are baiting Mother Nature here.

You know how she is. She has to call the shots. She has to have the last word, and if she thinks you're pushing her--giving winter short shrift or being too ready for Spring, like wearing short sleeves or even leaving your coat in the car...WATCH OUT!

If she sees a sign that any one of us is not fully prepared for an Easter Day snowstorm, we'll pay the price. Easter is early this year, and wouldn't that be a fun and easy trick for Mother Nature to pull. If we're not all careful, there won't be any frolicking in Easter dresses or bonnets at an Easter Day parade for us; we'll be back wearing the boots and snowpants again. And poor Peter Cottontail will be forced to hop down a bunny trail covered with snow. And he has no boots!

So I beg of you, keep your face a little bit grim, don't say anything hopeful about winter weather moving out, and whatever you do, don't let on that you're starting to enjoy the weather or being outdoors once again. Please, our sanity depends on it!

Taken on my walk around the neighborhood on Sunday March 14.
I'm not sure what these white ones are...they're at hubby's house.
It's really hard to keep all of this under wraps when when such beauty abounds!


  1. It is indeed hard not to go goofey when seeing grean coming out of the earth.
    Happy Spring!!!

  2. Oh lovely! Fingers crossed... maybe Mother Nature will give you a break!

  3. I hear you and completely agree. I've been walking around with my fingers crossed that this weather stays.

  4. Ciao Erin! Oh, I do know what you mean. After four winters in Minnesota, where it's not even starting to think about Spring yet this time of year, I would cherish those first signs. I remember the first day each year that I saw the first blade of green grass. Yes, I was that desperate! :-) Those spring flowers look lovely!


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