Monday, March 1, 2010

Hello March!

There was quite a bit of moaning in the blogosphere (some of it my own) about how rough February has been. I agree with SMB that February is the hardest month to get through! I have long thought of February as the worst month of the year--notwithstanding that my sister's birthday is late in February (sorry sis, hope you liked your card!) But, we've made it through February 2010. I think that means that the whole rest of the year--all 10 months of it--will be easier to manage. Boy, do I hope so.

Over the weekend we had some fair weather; I got outside Saturday to rake some of my driveway back into the space which used to be my driveway... several piles of gravel and surrounding grass were displaced by the snowplow guys and had been resting on my walkway, in the lawn, and in the street. There was also evidence that my mail carrier is mad at me. I think she must have gotten her little truck stuck somehow, just off the pavement in what used to be the edge of my lawn. (This is a flat street next to a flat lot adjacent to a flat gravel driveway. I have no idea how someone would get stuck!) She left a very deep pothole by my mail box, and by the looks of it she spun and spun her wheel, in the process kicking out a pile of dirt onto the street. I'm kind of glad I didn't see this action--she'd be even more angry if I had laughed at her! I put the dirt back and covered it with gravel.

Sunday hubby and I took a good brisk walk all around the neighborhood. True, we were bundled up against the cold (it was partly sunny and about 40 degrees but there was a constant brisk breeze), but it just felt great to get outside and exercise a bit!

This morning it was sunny again and around 40 degrees, but there was something different in the air. It wasn't Spring, exactly, but it was something approaching the beginning of Spring. At 6:15 I awoke and was immediately confused by the brightness outside. The sun was just about to break the horizon, but it already seemed completely light out. I think it sneaks up on you this time of year, especially when you have the weekend (when I don't get up with the sun) preceded by almost a week of nasty weather (when you can't see the sun.) Looking at the charts, it seems that the last morning I would have been able to see the sunrise it occurred at 6:47; this morning it was 6:33! Suffice it to say, I was quite pleased!

Leaving for today's early morning school run, the air was filled with birdsong. At this time of year, even the flock of blackbirds, grackles and the like can sound good. It was as if some great doors had opened and let them all flood in! We have about half of the ground freed up from the snow right now, and the birds just seemed thrilled to hop around on it, finally. In an average year, the first influx of birds is a real sign that we've made it over the hump and we're gathering speed on the way down toward Spring. The birds seem to know. They're not going back to where they spent the winter. The birds say it's time for Spring.


  1. Glad to hear all is well. I've had my fill of this winter and am so glad it's just about over. Although, we are supposed to get more freezing weather at the end of this week.
    Next year, I'm going to go into hibernation like a bear.

  2. I agree with the birds. It is time for Spring. I need to get my fingers in the dirt soon!
    We are suppose to be around 70 degrees by Sunday. It will feel so good!
    Have a great day.

  3. I'm seeing more and more Robins in my backyard so I'm hoping we've seen the last of the winter storms!


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