Friday, March 12, 2010

Unusual Feline Visitors

Over the last few weeks, we have had the most adorable visitors to our deck. I had seen them around the neighborhood from time to time--they stood out because of their tails...or lack thereof, I should say. These two Manx cats appear to be feral--or at least they're very afraid of human contact.

So, I have fed them because they look to be alone and hungry. I can't tell their genders, but I have called them brother and sister (the sister having more black spots), just to have an easy way to refer to them.

I don't think any two cats would eat this closely unless they were from the same litter. (I'm inside, behind my glass-faced doors.)

"Brother" seems to me to have a thicker neck and mane...more masculine.

While it seems to me that "sister" could be pregnant, judging by her plumpness.

If they have kittens, I'll be doing my best to capture them and get them into good homes.

But at the moment, every time I'm here, I serve up some cat food and stand on the porch calling "Hey Manxes! Here Manxes! Here's some dinner Manxes!" They do not come when I call, but I have noticed that very soon after my car appears in the driveway they stop in to check the bowl on the porch. Maybe I am getting them accustomed to people, at least a little bit, after all.

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  1. Oh wow, that is the cutest post ever! What lovely kitties. My advice would be to not take the kittens away too early - wild cats go crazy if they think they have lost their litter.


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