Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rant and Rave Wednesday

Ok, so it's Wednesday again, and although I've been through the ringer today, I'm joining Little Ms Blogger in doing Rant and Rave Wednesday. Here we go:

Rave: The weather is getting better and better day by day!

Rant: People who drive in the left lane just as slowly as those in the right lane. For miles and miles...

Rant: annoying lawyers who show off in front of their clients by objecting strenuously even thought they know my line of questioning is completely valid.

Rave: A full day's work with lots of good, solid ticks off your to-do list.

Rave: I was thrilled that one of my fellow bloggers became my (get this) eleventh follower. I spent months with 8 followers--and #11 is great!

Rant: So I had to go to the grocery store to pick up things for my party tomorrow and ended up having to pick up all those things we forgot to put on the shopping list last Sunday.

Rave: I got 2 things filed in court, drafted 2 other things, and finished up a major report from Sun-Wed.

Rave: It's Wednesday...only 2 days until the weekend!

Rave: Looking forward to having some of my old friends over to my house for a little get-together. I originally agreed to have a party for a friend for "PartyLite Candles" and since then, I've enlarged that to having a fun get-together with some friends from my last position at the hospital. Can't wait to see old friends!

Rave: it's been a rough week, but tonight I made a delicious turkey chili and some great Cosmos...feeling better already!!

That's about it for today, but it's late, so maybe I can add something tomorrow!

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