Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Monday!

Back to work Monday. I can't say it was a very happy Monday, but it was an ok day. I have a friend that sends out messages regularly with subjects like "Happy Monday!" (or any day of the week.) It's a bit "off" to put it that way, since "Happy ___" usually goes with holidays--"Happy Easter!" "Happy New Year!" or "Happy Hanukkah!"--not with days we are fond to dread. Maybe she's being ironic? Or more likely, she's just hopeful.

Well, not too much news (no swollen ankles yet but not much response to the BP medicine either), so I'm going to just show you a picture of my pretty girl cat, Frankie. (She was named after "old blue eyes" Frank Sinatra, mostly.) It's not easy to get good cat pictures because they normally get right up and come investigate the camera, but Frankie was just settling in for a nap when I took this one.


  1. Erin, cute cat! Also, I totally agree about auto emissions!! Going on long drives and burning gas hurts me almost as much as huge suburbans with "Keep Tahoe Blue" stickers on them.

    Also, I really hope you figure out what's wrong with your feet and that it gets better soon! That sounds really painful :/

  2. Well , the way she poses , your cat is a born top model.

  3. Frankie is a real star. She knew when to pose for her picture.
    Have a good week.


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