Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Interesting Choice

Well. I couldn't tolerate the side effects of the Norvasc at 10 mg so I called and told the cardiology nurse. She relayed it to a partner of my doc, who directed me to go back to 5 mg. Interesting choice. Not what I expected, since I gave them my history in detail, (I did 2 weeks on 5 mg; it wasn't enough...) and my doc told me he was leaving instructions for "medication choice B" in my chart for his vacation coverage--which I also relayed to them. But I reduced it last night, and today my diastolic is up to 101 again. Interesting choice. I'm supposed to report in on Monday (which I will do sooner if I don't like my numbers) when my doc is back.

An echocardiogram is pretty easy, if you don't mind someone pressing a hard plastic transducer into (probably in between, actually) your rib bones very firmly for half an hour. And that goopy gel all over. I though I might end up with a bruise, but I didn't. My little heart valves all look very nice--that's all you can really tell while lying on your side with your head twisted back over your opposite shoulder to see the screen 4 feet away! (Of course I watched the whole thing.) My tech was really very nice, but she wouldn't tell me any measurements at all. 'Course not. It's only the ones I used to work with for 10 years at my old hospital who would do that! Without the numbers, I know nothing, so now I wait again.

Perhaps because of the uncertainty of the above, I went into another Scheduling Frenzy yesterday. From time to time, I get to the point where I absolutely must have everything on my calendar. Perhaps it's the way we live (or is it universal?), but hubby, teenage alien and I tend to talk about doing this or that--what we need or would like to do--invitations we receive, plans--and after a while they all seem to be floating out there, but nothing has actually been set. Yesterday, per pre-arranged telephone appointment (yes, our schedules are that bad), hubby and I did calendaring through the end of October. I feel so much better!! We have "the plan." I don't think we have one free weekend throughout that time, but that's another story. At least I know that we've scheduled the things we want to do so we don't miss them. I'm looking forward to a fun fall!

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