Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Another Blow

I went to my doctor today. In mid-July, my allergist noted my BP was high--I've been watching it closely and it's still high. She was suitably impressed; she put me on a medication and she wants me to see a cardiologist! I never ever thought I'd be seeing a cardiologist, I was always working with them, and I used to exercise a lot, and was very fit. In the past 2 years I've gained weight, but I still exercise pretty regularly. I thought I was doing pretty well--but I have had this thing where as soon as I start exercising my heartrate pops up to a very high rate. Doc said she was thinking along the lines of diastolic dysfunction. Something's not quite right I guess.

So, I will start the ace inhibitor and see what happens; I have a cardiologist in mind and I'll get an appointment I guess, after my bloodwork is done. Bloodwork tomorrow morning as long as I remember to keep fasting.

Sorry this post was so boring; I'm just a bit out of it. BP was 134/105 when I got home this evening, blame that.

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