Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just Act Normal

We are busy. Hubby and I have demanding jobs--demanding both mentally and of our time. We are fairly recently married and still have both of our houses....which are an hour drive apart...which we try to keep up. We have the usual social things we do as well, the teenager, and the cats. All of this explanation is just laying the basis and forming the excuse for my next statement: the houses are a MESS! (or 'the houses are messes' I guess, to be grammatically correct.) It takes all of our time to just cook meals and have clean clothes and dishes from time to time, so the vacuuming and dusting fall by the wayside.

This weekend, my sister and her family are coming to visit, and by whatever stroke of "luck," they are spending one night at one house and the second night at the other house. I had no time to take off work to clean--and we just had the contractors finish up some work at my house last week, so all of our time this past weekend was spent putting several rooms back together and cleaning construction mess. So, we did a rare splurge and brought in a maid service to clean his house.

We got home from work last night and I was absolutely giddy. I went from room to room looking at where dust bunnies and cat hair used to predominate, and it was so CLEAN! All of the kitchen counters were shiny! I ran up to the bedrooms where the maids had changed and made the beds up! All of the bathrooms were sparkling!!!

I came downstairs to where hubby was watching baseball on TV and literally skipped through the room singing "It's so clean! It's so clean!! It's so clean!!"

He turns his eyes my way. "You know, when your sister gets here tomorrow you need to act like this is normal."

Yes honey, I'll try.

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  1. haha, ooh husbands ruining all the fun! You should put little mints on your sister in law's pillows. That will be sure to impress :D


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