Thursday, August 27, 2009

Origami Diversion

Sometimes I need to do something different. It refreshes me to use my mind in a different way! Then, when they're done, they make nice little gifts for friends.





Trio of Cranes

Doing origami also reminds me of my "little" brother (which I persist in calling him despite the fact that he's at least 6" taller than me), who has been an origami expert for years. One time, when I visited him while I was on a business trip, he made me a phenomenal origami bird with fluttery wings. I still have it.


  1. These are really cool. Is it hard to do? I've always been intimidated to try because it looks impossible to do.

  2. LMB--thanks! They're not all hard; I'd start with something easy like the cranes. Here's a really great instructional website on the crane:
    The parrot is a bit harder; others are in between. Give it a try! It's fun!


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